After Your Procedure

After your scope test, you will spend about one hour in the Recovery Room where your family may join you for the recovery process. As you emerge from the effects of the sedative our highly-trained recovery staff will monitor your vital signs and level of consciousness. Most patients will be given a light snack. We will keep you warm and comfortable until you are ready for discharge home. The doctor will meet with you and your family to discuss your test results and any necessary followup or treatment.  

Our Nurses Will Make Sure That You:               

  • Have sufficiently recovered from your sedation.       
  • Have normal vital signs.       
  • Receive and understand your discharge instructions.       
  • Are discharged to travel home with your companion.  

If any problems arise when you return home, please call us at 412/262-1000 (option #2) and our nurses will immediately assist you. (After 4:30 PM, our Answering Service will pick up the call and refer our to our physician on call.)   DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS The instructions given to you from the nursing staff will be in written form so that you and your companion may refer to it regarding follow-up care. Information on medications, discomfort, bleeding, diet, follow-up appointment with the physician, etc. may be found on the form.   PHYSICIAN FOLLOW-UP Your physician will inform you if and when a return office visit will be necessary.  


You will receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey from the Three Rivers Endoscopy Center after your procedure. A day or two after your visit, please take a few minutes to fill it out and mail it back to us. We are very interested in how you would rate your experience with us, and whether you have any ideas to make Three Rivers Endoscopy Center an even better outpatient environment than it already is!! We monitor the results and perform improvements upon issues identified through the program. We appreciate the tremendous response we've had from you in the past, and hope to serve you again in the future should the need arise!