Comments From Our Patients

As part of our commitment to quality care, all patients seen at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center are asked to complete and return a two page mulitiple choice Patient Satisfaction Survey. The very last question leaves room for free text comments. We would like to share these unedited comments with you.

THE QUESTION WAS: Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvement in our services? What one thing would you change?

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E-mail Comments Sent To Us

We appreciate any email that you send our way. It is all read by our Medical Director. Every day, we receive comments about our office, endoscopy center, and website via email. We just thought we would share some of those comments with you. The names of the authors have been removed for privacy sake.

Subject: Endoscopy Web Site Date: August 4, 2000  My compliments on a wonderful website. I'm a nursing student and the photos and explanations presented here have been very helpful to me. I've sent your site to all my instructors and they agree that it's very informative and easy to understand.  Eric H.

Subject: Great Site for Diverticulosis Date: July 26, 2000  Sirs, This is THE most informative web site I have found on diverticulosis. It was especially helpful to actually SEE the condition. It will be of great value to us in the future. Thank you for all your hard work!!  B. R.

Letters Our Patients Have Sent To Others

We appreciate any positive word of mouth from our patients. Some of our patients have taken the time to write their family doctors or insurers about their experience at PERMIAN. When a copy is sent to us, it is reviewed by our Medical Director. These letters are so positive, we just thought we would share some of those comments with you. The names of the patients have been removed for privacy sake.

March 15, 1999 
Brad Pifalo, M.D.
Medical Director Highmark Blue Cross/ Blue Shield 

Dear Dr. Pifalo:  On March 12th, 1999, I had occasion to have a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Robert D. Fusco at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center. I wish to advise you that the services and professionalism exhibited by the staff and physicians were exemplary. I have had this procedure performed previously at a hosptial facility and can state that the services rendered at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center exceeded all my expectations.  Bernard R. Sewickley, PA.

March 10, 1999 
Carey Vinson, M.D.
Medical Director Keystone Blue Cross of Western PA 

Dear Dr. Vinson:  In February, I had a Gastroscopy and Colonscopy examination done at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center in Moon Township. Although these tests are not something I look forwared to, my exerience at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center was very positive.  Dr. Fusco and his staff were very professional. I felt very comfortable in their care and appreciated the concern they showed for me. They explained everything thoroughly. I received excellent care and precise instructions for needed treatment.  I have had these tests performed previously in a hospital outpatient setting, and Three Rivers Endoscopy is a much better environment. I am thankful this facility is covered under my insurance plan.  Allen H. LIbrary, PA.

Val W. Slayton, M.D. - Medical Director
HealthAmerica/Health Assurance Pittsburgh, PA 

Dear Dr. Slayton:  I just wanted to share with you my positive experience at the ambulatory facility of Dr. Stanley aware. Robert Fusco, Ernest Stanley and Richard Kim.  The office workers, nurses and doctor were very helpful, kind and informative. The nurses took the time to explain things and Dr. Fusco was very informative and gave you time to ask questions.  All in all (as much as one can possibly be) I was very pleased with Three Rivers Endoscopy Center.  Sincerely, DJN

Physician Satisfication Survey

We also appreciate the many doctors who refer their patients to Permian. As part of our quality improvement program, we now send annual surveys to the top 100 doctors who routinely send their patients to our facility. Our high marks are an indicator of the level of service we provide our patients and their referring physicians. This "review by our peers" means a lot to us and we appreciate the many positive comments and all constructive criticism.

This information is reviewed by our Medical Director and our Quality Improvement Committee on a regular basis. 

Ability To Schedule Urgent Appointment 90% Satisfied
Ability To Schedule Routine Appointment 88% Satisfied
Interactions With Our Office Staff 95% Satisfied
Promptness Of Our Report To Doctor 95% Satisfied
Quality Of Our Final Report To Doctor 97% Satisfied
Quality Of Overall GI Care 97% Satisfied
Estimate Of Patient Satisfaction 95% Satisfied

Thanks to all of the doctors who took the time to fill out and return our questionnaire.