Community Service

The physicians and staff of Permian believe it is important to be involved in our local community and help keep patients informed about important topics in digestive health and nutrition. Here are some recent ways we have tried to serve our community in this regard.

  • 99-05-22     $10,000 Donated To The American Cancer Society
  • 98-12-14     Sharing The Holiday Spirit
  • 98-06-25     Over 100 Attended Our Preventing Osteoporosis Seminar
  • 98-04-25     Kim Speaks on 1460 AM Radio
  • 98-04-08     Dr. Kim Speaks To Retired Steelworkers (SOAR)
  • 98-03-20     Dr. Fusco Speaks Before Senior Men's Club
  • 98-03-14     Registered Dietitian Leslie Bonci Gives 4th Free Nutritional Seminar
  • 98-02-10     Dr. Fusco Awarded 20 Year Recognition
  • 98-02-04     Our Website Honored By Tufts University!
  • 98-01-10     Over 130 Attend Free Nutritional Seminar