Patient Bill Of Rights


As one of our patients, you have certain rights:

1     YOU have the right to be treated with dignity by a competent medical staff.        

2     YOU have the right to expect privacy and confidentiality concerning your medical care. Information can only be released with your consent except as provided by the law or third party contracts.        

3     YOU have the right to receive accurate information about your problem in lay terms that you understand.        

4     YOU have the right to participate in choosing the best form of treatment for your problem.        

5     YOU have the right to consent to, or refuse, any care or treatment.

6     YOU have the right to know the names of all individuals who directly participate in your care, and you have the right to select and/or change your doctor at any time.

7     YOU have the right to ask any question about our services or any related cost.

8     YOU have the right not to be treated with discrimination. It is the policy of Permian to admit and treat all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, handicap, religious or fraternal organization or age.


As one of our patients, you also have certain responsibilities:

1     YOU have the responsibility to be courteous to our staff and other patients.s        

2     YOU have the responsibility to keep your appointments and be on time. If you cannot keep a scheduled visit, please call us at once and reschedule or cancel so another patient can use that time.        

3     YOU have the responsibility to provide your doctor and nurse with accurate and truthful information about your medical history so that an accurate diagnosis can be made.        

4     YOU have the responsibility to follow the mutually agreed upon prescribed course of treatment and to inform your doctor, nurse or other health care provider of any changes in your condition.        

5     YOU have the responsibility to pay your bills promptly, to provide the necessary insurance information for processing them, and to ask any questions you have about them as soon as possible.