Post - Procedure Phone Calls

I know you probably hate phone calls in the evening, but don't be surprised if you receive a phone call the evening of your scope test. Our doctors just want to make sure that all went well during your visit to PERMIAN Grestroenterology. We also want to be sure that you have experienced no problems after your procedure. Actually, such problems are quite uncommon, but to be sure that our patient's recovery process is smooth, we call and check up on each patient a few hours after they return home. 

Every day, we call all patients that were seen the previous day at PERMIAN to check on their condition. Our staff are trained to ask a series of questions about the experience at our center and to inquire if any problems occurred afterward. If the patient has a problem or question, our staff contacts the physician on call and asks him to contact the patient directly. All information is kept in a confidential computer data base for review by our quality assurance committee so that we may continually improve our policies and procedures. Pardon the phone call, but we want to make your experience at our center and pleasant and safe as possible. Your feedback is appreciated.