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Welcome To PERMIAN Gastroenterology Associates...

We realize that the idea of having a procedure like a "scope test" can be very frightening especially the first time. We have put much time and energy into developing a "user-friendly" environment for our patients. First, patients and their families are greated by a large modern Reception Room which is staffed by our courteous Receptionist. Permian is fully equipped with two state-of-the-art Endoscopy Rooms. We have furnished these rooms with the latest procedure and Monitoring Equipment for maximum accuracy and safety. Most patients are pleased to learn that GI endoscopic procedures are performed with intravenous sedation to induce a "twilight state" making the tests as pleasant and painless as possible.

After their examination, our patients are taken to our modern Nurses Station where they can relax in the privacy of one of our six individul Recovery Stations with a Family Member before returning home. 

Behind all of this is our Administrative Hallway which houses all non-clinical operations that are so necessary to support our clinical staff. 

At the end of this corridor is our Computer Operations Room which contains the computer systems for both Permian and our office practice, the Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition as well as our new phone system.